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As the Industrial Revolution took place, many drastic changes… technological, social, economic, and cultural also occurred. The Industrial Age brought about a new order that gave rise to the world of skyscrapers, factories of mass-production, and electronic devices that we are accustomed to today. The everyday lives of ordinary people underwent a dramatic change for the better. Before the Industrial Age, people lived very simple and hardworking lives. Any food or clothing they had was produced by themselves on their own farms which they laboured on endlessly with basic, handmade tools. Like their ancestors, people had nearly no understanding of the world beyond their village. They only traveled as far as walking distance or as far as a…show more content…
Abraham Darby also used coal to smelt iron, and the result was a cheaper yet better-quality iron. This iron would be used to produce parts of steam engines, the construction of railroads and iron bridges. The massive textile industry advanced when John Kay developed the flying shuttle as a solution to the slow production under the putting-out-system. James Hargreaves then solved the problem of Kay’s invention with his spinning jenny. Eli Whitney also invented the cotton gin that also sped up production in the textile industry. These new inventions resulted in industrial factories taking over Britain. Then came the Transportation Revolution with the steam locomotive and railroads and major railroad lines that crisscrossed Britain, Europe and North America. New technologies spurred on industry and was a huge factor within it. The Industrial Revolution also had great social impacts. As a result of growing industry, people began to move to industrial cities in a movement known as urbanization. Populations in once quiet and simple British towns soared as they became more industrialized. Social classes emerged with the entrepreneurs benefiting the most. They came from a variety of backgrounds and invested their profits in growing factories. On the other hand, a great number of the poor struggled in the new industrial society. They were cramped into tiny rooms

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