Industrial Revolution Essay

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The forces that have affected change in nations around the world have always brought about something good and negative. Those forces have been different, yet important revolutions that have taken place in the past four centuries. These drastic and radical changes have been brought about by revolutionaries who desired a free society in which free trade, free markets, and free labor existed for the common man. These revolutions imply sudden forceful change, however, there is also evolutionary changes in society that are gradual and develop over time, which bring about many positive advancements. The French Revolution enhanced a new order of power as the monarchy fell. The Caribbean and Iberian Revolution terminated the slave industry and…show more content…
The Third Estate soon declared to be the “National Assembly”, which should determine France’s future. Outbreak soon came into play on July 14, 1789 as Parisians attacked a medieval armory in which the people cut of the head of a commanding officer and paraded it through the streets. This was to be known as Bastille Day, which declared a new era of liberty, equality and fraternity. A declaration was established to guarantee all French citizens nation liberties and all men equality under law, also known as The “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen”. The revolution connected with the concept of the people of a nation and, eventually, gave women rights for divorce, hold property, be educated and have careers. Unfortunately, by early 1793 Louis XVI lost his head to a guillotine and sparked war with its neighbors. After his execution, a group known as Jacobins wanted to extend the revolution which lead to a horrific bloodbath of over 40,000 people known as the Reign of Terror. Until one man named Napoleon Bonaparte administrated order and security for social reform by allowing religious practice. Napoleon also named himself as the emperor and ended the revolution at the helm. This was not inevitable because of the violent nature to revolt and go against irrational laws. The French Revolution was not one that had no losses, but was far-reaching to Europe and a wide spread of individual
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