Industrial Revolution Impact on the French Revolution

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The French Revolution was influenced by previous events. The idea of treating everyone equally was a cutting-edge view in the eighteenth century. Also novel was the notion that people in the lower social stratum should obtain access to commodities previously reserved for only the upper class. This cultural change for the majority of the populace, focused on promoting the ownership of manufactured goods, also impacted the French Revolution. The industrial change, however, had a longer impact that extended beyond the French Revolution itself. The ramification the industrial revolution had on the French Revolution was minuscule, to the point it was not really noticeable. The Industrial Revolution brought with it an increase in population and…show more content…
The concept that men should be treated equally began to be sought-after by other nations. This concept that was influenced by several key circumstances. For one, France was influenced by the lifestyle changes of the industrial revolution, along with other historical events at that time. These events had their basis in the words that came from some of the most brilliant minds of not only that time, but of all time. Their thoughts and written words that had so much influence that they changed many lives in history over a long period of time. Thoughts that started in the cerebral cortex as synapses between unmylientated neurons of many brilliant gentleman. These synapses traveled to other parts of the brain to turn into synapses that signal movement of certain muscle fibers. Movement that occurs by a signal accompanied by chemical elements traveling down millions of dendrites, myelinated axons, and axon terminals. They reach the muscle fibers where synaptic vessels release acetylcholine into the synaptic clef where the ACH(acetylcholine) travels down the sarcolemma into the T tubules into the SR which releases Calcium ions. The Calcium ions then attach to protein myosin which attaches to tripoponin a protein part of actin. The myosin contracts moving the actin and then more acetylcholine is produced so the myosin unhooks from the actin. These muscle
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