Industrial Revolution In The 1800s

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During the 1800s people around the globe began experiencing a different lifestyle and workforce. Before this time, people worked on farms in small villages without any form electricity to be able to provide for their families. All of this began to change when an agricultural revolution, lead by the Dutch, arose. From that point on invention after invention and discovery after discovery was brought into the evolving world. It was a rapid change that really never stopped. To this day, scientists build off the ideas that first commenced in the 19th century.
To begin, in the 1700s the Dutch formed a new way to work the farms, which allowed more food production as well as improved hygiene. A new method called the enclosure method allowed for this improvement. Land was divided into sections for private use rather than the traditional public use. As a result, population growth occurred at an unbelievable rate. Within only one hundred years, Great Britain saw their population grow from 5 million to 9 million. Soon after, Britain was the primary leader of the Industrial Revolution due to a few reasons. They were a country that had a stable government and large quantities of resources, such as iron and coal. Britain was among the first countries to have large factories where mass production could be made possible. During
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By the mid-1800s, a second phase had begun where even more advanced creations were brought about. With a new phase came a new leader. Britain was no longer the leader in advancements. The United States, France, and Germany all took the lead as they had more coal and iron reserves. Henry Bessemer and William Kelly developed a new process for making steel in the 1850s. Steel played a large role in the Industrial Revolution since it was lighter, harder, and more durable than iron. Eventually steel became the most important product that a country could produce as it was used to make tools, bridges, and high
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