Industrial Revolution Essay

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The most far-reaching, influential transformation of human culture since the advent of agriculture eight or ten thousand years ago, was the industrial revolution of eighteenth century Europe. The consequences of this revolution would change irrevocably human labor, consumption, family structure, social structure, and even the very soul and thoughts of the individual. This revolution involved more than technology; to be sure, there had been industrial "revolutions" throughout European history and non-European history. In Europe, for instance, the twelfth and thirteenth centuries saw an explosion of technological knowledge and a consequent change in production and labor. However, the industrial revolution was more than…show more content…
Another reason given for the Industrial Revolution is the substantial increase in the population of Europe; this is such an old chestnut of historians that we don't question it. Population growth, however, is a mysterious affair to explain; it most often occurs when standards of production rise. So whether the Industrial Revolution was started off by a rise in population, or whether the Industrial Revolution started a rise in population is hard to guess. It's clear, though, that the transition to an industrial, manufacturing economy required more people to labor at this manufacture. While the logic of a national economy founded centrally on the family economy and family production is more or less a subsistence economy-most production is oriented around keeping the family alive, the logic of a manufacturing economy is a surplus economy. In a manufacturing economy, a person's productive labor needs to produce more than they need to keep life going. This surplus production is what produces profits for the owners of the manufacture. This surplus economy not only makes population growth possible, it makes it desirable.
England While it's hard to pinpoint a beginning to the Industrial Revolution, historians generally agree that it basically originated in England, both in a series of technological and social innovations. Historians propose a number of reasons. Among the most compelling is the exponential increase in
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