Industrial Revolution Vs American Imperialism

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Colonization, essentially, the act of coming in and taking over an area. Many things can cause a country to colonize another. Such as the discovery of a new country or making a new trade route. Establishing a colony in another country can make a country more powerful. While colonization may help the country that is coming in, it can hurt the natives. The colonists could bring new diseases that the natives are unable to defend against. Unintentionally, of course. Since the colonists usually used brute force to conquer a land to colonize, it would create conflict with the natives. Colonization also led to deforestation and the overgrazing of lands. It also caused problems with the motherland. Being separated from the motherland for so long gave…show more content…
There have been more than one industrial revolution(s). For example, there was the agricultural revolution of the 18th century. Two things that led to the industrial revolution were the Embargo act of 1807 and the War of 1812. The Embargo act forced the U.S to make their own goods to trade with other countries. The War of 1812 made them see the need for better a transportation, independent markets, and economic independence. Before the industrialization, manufacturing was often done in people's homes with tools they had on hand. The Industrial Revolution started in Britain, then spread to other European countries. In addition to producing a large amount of new products, the Industrial Revolution also create a large amount of jobs for people. Many things were invented during the Industrial Revolution. For example: the spinning jenny(wool spinner), the steam engine, the power loom, the telegraph, the sewing machine, the telephone, and the airplane. That’s just a few of what was invented. There are many more things that were made that make life easier for us now. A lot of them we take for granted. Had the Industrial Revolution not happened, we would not be as advanced as we are now. There are literally over a hundred things that we use today that were invented during the Industrial Revolution that we use today. (I
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