Industrial Revolution in England and Working Conditions Essay

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The industrial revolution began in England during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. There were several factors that played a role in why the industrial revolution began in England. One of the most important factors that played a role was the rich land. The land at this point in time had numerous different natural resources that could be used to benefit the country. The land had an enormous amount of different resources such as coal, iron, wool, cotton, and lead. Another major benefit of the geography of the land was how the furthest point in the country from sea was only seventy miles away. This helped because the country was able to import and export more goods and as well as being able to do such things as fishing and whaling. These …show more content…
Another aspect that played a role in the revolution starting in England was because unlike other countries such as France they had a stable government and economy. They also did not have the problem of political revolutions taking place at this time.

Sense there was many new promising factory jobs available many people moved from there simple agricultural lives to work in the cities so they could have a steady job and make money for there families. This was a major part of the industrial revolution because this set the average persons living standards higher as well as there technology standards. Now that many people had jobs that involved divisions of labor and assembly lines the cost of goods dropped because the companies were able to produce more of the goods in a given time. This made it so families had a little extra money to use on other things then before the industrial revolution happened. All of these points are just some of the many aspects
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