Industrial Robotics : The Types Of Robots And The Reasons

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Abstract I will be talking about the introduction of industrial robotic and tell the three types of robot classification, also the different way of using industrial robots and the reasons. I will be coving the type of application used in the industrial and introducing them, and what/why they are used for? Robots have characteristics where I will cover and explain some of them. There problems with robots and our economy where some people are thinning they are replacing our jobs and this could end up in a horrible situation this people are Luddism believers which came from Luddite that I will be covering. In this review I will introduceIndustrial robotics. Industrial robotics is a wide topic but it is categorized by their capabilities and their geometries. Industrial robotics is classified into three types:  Automatic robots;  Bio-technical robots;  Interactive robots. There are many different way using Industrial robotics and reasons why companies use them here are some: • Hazardous work environment for humans • Repetitive work cycle • Difficult handling for humans • Multi-shift operations • Infrequent changeovers • Part position and orientation are established in the work cell We used to have manual handling machine here are some of the industrial robotics application I am going to talk about: • Material handling • Material transfer • Machine loading and/or unloading • Spot welding • Continuous arc welding • Spray coating • Assembly • Inspection Robots also have
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