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1. Executive Summary 2. Objectives of the Study 3. Limitations of the report 4. Methodology

1. Executive Summary

BSRM Steels Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of different bars in Bangladesh and also the market leader of the steels industry. Its Head office and factory are situated in Chittagong.

BSRM’s driving force has been its ability to develop new technology combined with a technical service force in co-operation with its customers. Now production Process of BSRM is fully automated.

Realizing the fact of rapid technology development necessities, constant attention to the field of research, BSRM established well equipped
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is situated in plot no. 4, Fouzderhat Industrial Estate, Chittagong and the Head office of BSRM Group is situated in Ali Mansion, 1173/1207, Sadarghat Road, Chittagong. Therefore, the information provided from the Factory and Head office cover all the data of operation of the firm. ❖ There are some steel industries operating in Bangladesh now. Out of which BSRM Steels Ltd. is one of the largest and leading commercial steel concern from the view point of its volume of activities and operational areas. So it (BSRM Ltd.) will definitely cover all the characteristics of a steel industry. ❖ In this study, 2 to 3 or more years’ data were taken for several analysis purposes. ❖ Making a formal questionnaire.

2. DATA Collection:

← Primary data:

I have collected primary information by interviewing employees, observing various organizational procedures, structures, and finally through questionnaire survey without any interruptions to their daily activities in the concern. Primary data were mostly derived through discussion with the employees of BSRM Steels Ltd.

← Secondary data:

I have collected different types of secondary data available from various divisions and departments of the head office of BSRM Steels Ltd. I have also collected secondary information regarding the concern form the following distinct sources.

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