Industrialisation And Individualisation On Lisa, A Member Of My Family

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Modernity is (Macionis & Plummer, 2005, p. 690) process associated with industrialisation. Beger ( cited in Macionis & Plummer, 2005, p. 691) identifies four major attributes of modernity. The decay of traditional communities, where each person had defined place, and was given a sense of identity and purpose. Multiplying of individual choices, as power of tradition wanes, people see unending series of individual choices in their lives. Growing diversity of beliefs, as modernisation promotes more scientific world-view, morality is result of personal opinions; greater interaction among people contributes to multiplicity of beliefs. Fourth attribute of modernity is future orientation. People are optimistic and expect that future inventions will improve their lives. This case study will investigate influence of processes of industrialisation and individualisation on Lisa, a member of my family. Beck and Gersheim-Beck (2002, p. 31) describes individualisation as tendency to life of ones own, which creates erosion of traditional values and produces changes in attitudes to marriage, gender roles, community relations, and work relation. Information in the interview and additional references were used for the study. Study will show that Lisa major life change was influenced by industrialisation, while her romance and marriage were less affected by individualisation. Literature review In this case study, two processes of modernity - industrialisation an individualisation
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