Industrialism In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, By Upton Sinclair

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Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle in the hope that not only Americans would find themselves reading about the dark sides of the common industrial factories, but also people in other countries as well would see that life for the working class American that had to work in the industrial industry, specifically as seen in Sinclair’s writing the meat packing industry was a dirty, and dangerous job for workers all caused by the hands of companies that didn’t care about their employees. In the American Experience book it gives a chapter from the book The Jungle, called “Living and Dying in Packington, Chicago” Sinclair writes about the life of an immigrant named Jurgis Rudkus with glimpses of others in his community and their lives working in factories. The main points of Sinclair’s work even from this small section of the whole writing is very heavy hitting along with at the time of publication probably was seen as controversial, it was a new type of writing a story that unfortunately this story was not made up, Sinclair used his experiences living in the workers ghettos of Packington, studying the people, and meatpacking industry (pg. 72). Sinclair argues that the companies and their factories are ruining the workers’ way of life, physically and mentally, leading to the idea of capitalism and companies becoming so obsessed with how fast can a product be made then the quality of the product and well-being for the employee (pg.72). Physically these factories hurt their workers as

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