Industrialization And The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution is a period during which big changes happened in Europe and America. The industrial revolution happened from the year 1750 – 1900. The industrial revolution caused very rural and farming communities to become industrialized. Factories and manufacturing started using machines to replace the work of people. Before the Industrial Revolution, which started in Britain in the 1700, manufacturing mostly happened in people’s homes. Before the industrial revolution people used hand tools or basic machinery to produce products. (, 2016) The industrial revolution also caused many people to move from their farms or homes in the country into the city, closer to their jobs. The industrial revolution took place in Europe and America and not in Africa, as Africa was not as industrialized and developed as America and Europe. America and Europe had population growth which meant there was sufficient labour, they had access to the natural resources that were needed for production as well as the economic and technological ability to exploit those resources. An example of those…show more content…
The employment structures of companies changed, the way companies in a whole were structured changed as well. The use of machines caused production to become faster, easier and more efficient. Using all the resources available with a minimal level of wastage. The industrial revolution led to the creation of wealth, new occupations and mass production. The world’s import demand for food and resources and their own export demand for capital and labour lead to the spreading of the industrialisation and the wealth that was created in Europe. This was all made possible by the vast economic changes, colonialism, hugely improved transportation and communication
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