Industrialization During 1865 and 1920 That Influenced U.S. Society, Economy, and Politics

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Impact of Industrialization after the Civil War on American Society (Thesis & Outline)

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Impact of Industrialization After the Civil War on American Society (Thesis & Outline)

Part 1- Thesis Statement

The Industrial Revolution marks a major turning point in human history; almost every aspect of daily life was influenced in some way. After the Civil War, industrialization took on an unpredictable change of events that had a major affect on improving American life.

The Industrial Revolution affected farming, manufacturing, and legislatives and led to a increase in the wealth and prosperity of the countries in which it occurred..
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Mining companies used them to ship raw materials to factories over long distances quickly. Manufactures distributed their finished product by rail to points throughout the country. The rails became highly profitable businesses for their owners. (

During the Industrial Revolution everyone had to adapt to the massive work load that was created. Back then demands for products was so high, the only thought and concern the Business Man had was how he was going to keep the currency rolling in. They used Humans as machines, without care and regards to their health and well being. Once they were faced with consequence for their disregard for life, laws were put into place to protect the workers. This in turned probably caused them more money and slower production in obeying the law.

Women and children were able to join the work force, but for little pay and long hours. Many were face with poor work conditions, hazardous health issues and short lunch breaks. The economic success was often left unchecked by authorities, who were not ready to deal with the consequences of these uncharted waters.

Producing improved methods on machinery use, spread throughout American industry after the civil war. This created a higher quantity of products at a faster pace. At times product were being produced so rapidly that this caused an over stock of merchandise because sales were not able to move as fast as the products were being
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