Industrialization During The United States

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Industrialization in the Unites States occurred between 1850 and 1950. It was the approach from the United States to become larger with enhanced technology to produce a life which cost less and was more efficient. While some might dispute that Industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because of an abundance of job opportunities, it had a negative impact on society. Therefore, industrialization’s negative effects were atrocious working conditions, children’s little or no education, and pollution from factories. The employees had horrendous working conditions that they had to endure because their pay was needed to support their family. One example, “[Before] dawn my labor drives me forth, Tis night when I am free;” (Document 2). This parent works all day and night, thus never able to spend time with their son. Therefore, the son has been able to have a roof over his head due to his parent’s paycheck yet never get the affection that he desperately demands. In addition, Elizabeth Bentley testified, “C: You are considerably deformed in person as a consequence of this labour? B: Yes I am” (Document 7). Working conditions today are, luckily, much better with laws regulating associations from engaging people to do painstaking, fatal assignments and operations. Yet, they did not have sympathy for the people at this point because the public desired more money and cheaper goods. According to Lewis Hine’s photo, “the children stood on top of the machines near
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