Industrialization Of The 19th Century

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Industrialization, population growth, Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams in the United States Presidential election of 1800, and slavery; these were the main events that shaped the early 1800’s. Economically, industrialization was truly born within the first thirty years of the 1800’s. Even though the Industrial Revolution started in 1790, the manufacturing process took much time to complete. Also, newly found means of transportation were rising up, such as steamboats and railroads, which made many people undeniably excited about the new technological advances ( 2014). Since there were many new ways for people to migrate to America from other counties, there was a drastic increase in population growth, territory growth, economic growth, even slavery, unfortunately, grew. This growth was due to the improvements in health care and less infant mortality. By the end of the 19th century there were significant improvements in sanitation and public health which would have benefited those in urban areas possibly more than those in agricultural communities ( 2009). The beginning of the industrial revolution was marked by the introduction of machinery and technologies which could do the work of several people in a much shorter time, which meant increased production of clothes, food, and other important necessities ( 2014). Politically in the early 1800’s, Thomas Jefferson, a republican, won in the presidential election against fellow federalist,
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