Industrialization Of The 19th Century Essay

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In the 19th century, industrialization spread like wild fire from “England continental Europe, the United States and Japan”. Factories became the norm for these countries as it made acquiring new resources and easier feet. These larger “corporations, monopolies, and cartels” led to the increasing decrease in small businesses. Everything in every day life was affected “it affected politics, Work, people standards of living, marriage” and even having children. During this time poverty was the largest socioeconomic group”. The Bouge was he was made up of professionals and merchants” while the lower class, or cousins, consisted of those who were artisans and shopkeepers. The industrial revolution lead to cities becoming vastly overpopulated and short periods of time. “To the ranks of margins, lawyers, doctors, and shopkeepers, there now were added industrialists, managers, government officials, white-collar workers, and skilled professionals and such field is engineering, architecture, accounting, chemistry, and higher education.” Due to the increase in such careers, this made up The middle class. The members of the social class control politics, influence music and art, and took advantage of the benefits given to them. Through this time instruments became mass produced which granted the opportunity for music making to be open to the masses. Some famous names associated with the music advancement are Sebastian of art, how do you like Stovel, and feeble Theobald boHem.…
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