Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution facilitated the ability of the industrialized nation to dominate the neighbor through biota spread. The industrial revolution is related to the globalizing portmanteau biota becoming with increasing transportation technology. The force of dominance and colonization could be more efficiently exercised. Industrial revolution is the turning point to the new method of manufacturing in the 18th and 19th century. The changeover are going from hand production to machine production, increasing use of steam power, the development of machine tools, rise of factory system, etc. But most importantly, the steam transport technology (steam powered railway, boats and ships) are the biggest helper of Globalizing portmanteau biota. In Ecological Imperialism, Crosby described how steam power helped the migration of people and the portmanteau biota that people bring with them “…the application of steam power to ocean and land travel certainly facilitated long distance migration”(p5) not only that, during the Industrial revolution, it is also more affordable and safer than before the revolution “…because in the middle of the nineteenth century the application of steam power to oceanic travel made the passage overseas safer and cheaper than ever before”(p296) from the quote, we can tell that travel before the industrial revolution It’s not as easy and safe, so people would not travel as much. But after the revolution, travel became much less of a burden, of course
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