Industrialization Of The West Is Highly Praised

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While the industrialization of the West is highly praised, it seems to be undermined that China and India were able to double their industrial output in less than a quarter of the time. When one is asked about which countries have the highest combined GDP, the long standing powers of the North, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States come to mind, but the GDP of Brazil, China, and India equal that of the Northern superpowers . These emerging countries are showing the world that they deserve the spotlight by being the cornerstone economic development in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The emerging powers - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa -came together and formed the diplomatic to form BRICS. The aim of BRICS was to bring together these emerging powers under one conglomerate to unify their interests and values. But is that obtainable? Each one of these countries are in different states of development, therefore have different interests. For example, a country with a large poor population, such as India, might find more solace in the G77 than China would. With few of their national priorities aligning, it is hard to see BRICS as one homogenous group. Although it may seem like these countries are too different in core beliefs and have their own national interests, BRICS as a whole can act as a mouthpiece for developing countries in the Global South if they remain as an organization. As mentioned, the countries within

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