Industrialization Research Paper

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Industrialization Essay
The Industrialization impacted the United States in good ways and in bad ways. The economic part of the Industrialization helped the economy grow much larger than it was. It was a bad thing for the social life because the nativists did not like how immigrants were coming over for jobs. Also about how there were three main classes. The cultural part was when new languages and new religions came into the country. These three things, economic, social, and cultural had a impact on the United States.
The economy took off during the industrialization. With the economy growing it brought new technology. Since the growth of the economy, it opened up many jobs for people; however, this could cause some social conflict. Instead
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One reason was because the nativists did not like the idea of having immigrants coming into the country. Nativists did not like this idea because they were scared that the immigrants will take their jobs. Also people were split up into three main categories, the upper class, the middle class, and the working class. The upper class were the rich people the ones with all the money. So all the upper class stayed together. Then the middle class were working men that still had houses but they did not have a ton of money but enough to buy goods for the family. Then there was the working class, these were the guys that were replaced by the machines and did whatever they could to get money. Socially this was bad for the country because it split the people up.
Cultural had a positive and a negative impact during the Industrialization. It was positive because the immigrants brought over new ideas and technology so this lead to more job openings. A negative is how it brought over many religions, this is bad because it causes conflict. Also it brought more people into our country because of things happening in their home land. So the Americans expected that the immigrants would become Americanized, meaning they talk, act, and dress like normal Americans. Culturally it was not bad or good because it helped the United Staes and also created
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