Industrialization : The Industrialization Of America

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The Industrialization of America Many people consider America to be the leader of the technological world; however, that has not always been the case. Before America became the industrial dynamo that is today, there were multiple other countries that it had to compete against such as China, England, Japan, and Germany. While each of these countries prospered at some point throughout their technological history, America was able to learn ways to adapt in order to compete against each and every one of them. The Industrial Revolution has contributed to America in a number of ways. It has contributed to the economy and the working conditions of laborers (Saunders, 1919) (“The Industrial”, 1966). On the other hand, the industrialization of America can also be associated with some negative setbacks (Volti, 2014).
Though the Chinese were not the first culture to have an industrial revolution, China did develop a large array of the technology that is was used at that time (Volti, 2014). Their many inventions had caused them to be named as the world’s leader of technology. Unfortunately, the Chinese ended up losing that title to the Europeans after two centuries of holding it. The Europeans were able to do this because they decided to adopt the technology of the Chinese, improve it, and use if for their own gain (Volti, 2014). The Chinese had refused to use any foreign inventions even when the Chinese joined forces with the Soviet Union to become a Communist country (Volti, 2014).…
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