Industrialization after the Civil War

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Industrialization after the Civil War Industrialization during the 1860’s through the 1900’s caused many problems globally. Industrialization changed a lot in the US for Americans because it made it easier for citizens to do labor work, expanded capital for businesses and opened up many job opportunities for people. Although this was beneficial to the Americans it caused other problems to escalate, and caused many people to flee into the cities, as well as caused a differentiation between the rich and the poor. However, after the civil war, industrialization affected the US politically, economically and environmentally way more than them benefitting from it. The negative effect brought political controversy and resulting in riots, poor working conditions, child labor, greed for the rich and immigrants also wanting to work and the positive effect were improving and developing the south. Although, that was beneficial for the people as industries, such as railroads and steel started to culminate throughout the North, there were a greater need for workers (Lyson/Welsh 2005). Not only did Blacks come from the South for jobs but immigrants started to flood the United States from other countries. Because the population grew rapidly in the North, the factories were also over crowded with people including children. Meanwhile, as the factories grew the factory owners cared less about the concerns of their people or their cities welfare. The factories were unsafe, unsanitary, and smoky
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