Industrialization in America Essay

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As America was rapidly industrializing, the products that were being mass-produced were in demand all over the nation. In order to get food, supplies and raw materials to the industrial centers that needed them, it was crucial that the speed of transportation was increased. Multiple types of transportation came forth in early 1800’s including roads, canals, steamboats and railroads which would all contribute to the industrialization of America. This time period would come to be known as the “Transportation Revolution” of America. (Ochoa 2). In 1815, farmers were struggling to keep up with the high cost of transportation of their goods. Near the end of the Transportation Revolution in 1850, transportation cuts had been cut by ninety-five …show more content…
Fulton introduced the Clermont, which was the first commercially practical steamboat. In 1815, the steamboat service started on the Mississippi River and before long they expanded across the nation (Ochoa 2). Steamboats could go upriver as well as downriver, which was not possible prior to the invention of steam power and boats could only go with the current downriver with no way to return North. Steamboats allowed transportation to be a two-way process and goods could be moved to the North and the South easily. Steamboats became increasingly important for the transportation of goods, and in effect the river cities were economically significant and powerful due to the money, goods and people moving through them every day. River cities such as Cincinnati, New Orleans, and St. Louis became very influential in American politics and economy. Steamboats were improved throughout the years and became one of the leading contributions of the Transportation Revolution. However, steamboats also had negative qualities that completely changed the America rivers’ landscape. The steamboats could be hazardous due to the pollution of the air that the exhaust from it caused. They could also be quite deadly in accidents that regularly occurred in rivers across America. Nevertheless, steamboats revolutionized all aspects of the American lifestyle by giving new ways to
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