Industrialization took place during the 1877-1920’s. It transformed a group of people from a

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Industrialization took place during the 1877-1920’s. It transformed a group of people from a society that depended on agriculture to an industrial society. Two characteristics were the increase of the automobile industry and factory based jobs, which became more popular. The progressive Era was from the 1890’ s-1920. It was a time of political reform and social activism in the United States. Two of its characteristics were modernization for the world and social political effects of Plessy vs. Ferguson and Jim Crow. Spreading of cultures was influential to the U.S. during this time because it helped build business and increase the economy. In the case of Plessy vs. Ferguson, the effect was that segregation laws were constitutional…show more content…
Assimilation brought new jobs and workers to the U.S. The immigrants worked hard and helped build subways skyscrapers, and eventually were able to open their own business. The immigrants were essential to the American economy. Nativisim was a negative influence and it was a way for the Americans to keep jobs for themselves and away from the immigrants. The Nativist said that the new immigrants would not assimilate of languages, customs being different. Nativist thought that immigrants were violent and opposed all forms of government. Poverty was a socioeconomic issue because the jobs didn’t pat enough and families went hungry. Child labor was also a concern due to young children as young as give years old were working in factories for little pay and long working hours to assist in taking care of their families. They worked in what was known to me factory mills, coal mines, and sweat shops. Industrialization didn’t create labor, however, it aided in creating child labor reform policies. Living conditions were horrible. People lived in buildings called tenements, that up to ten people could live in. There was no indoor plumbing or heat, and families had to share a bathroom. Extended democracy- Mudrackers were the ones who reformed government by exploiting and uncovering the truth about big businesses. They revealed the injustices that were taking place in the workplace such as fi Prohibition-The women of the prohibition
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