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Industry Analysis of Final Project Samantha McDowell Morgan Goff Melissa Perez Shaniqua Hillard Ana Galvan BUS 2295 Professor Durish Berkeley College Abstract An Industry Analysis is used by companies to assess and understand other businesses within the same industry. It is used to gain knowledge overall about the economic, political, and market factors that help develop the way an industry is developed. Business owners are the ones mostly involved in the Industry Analysis because it helps determine a company’s success. In the case of WindowsWear, the Industry Analysis is very important to help them to determine whether or not it is worth opening a physical museum or just continuing to do business online. The Industry Analysis will allow WindowsWear to see information such as rise in disposable income in the museum industry and the type of competitors that may form a roadblock. Background WindowsWear provides artistic inspiration and trends from over 40,000 fashion windows from 600 brands across the world. It is the world’s largest fashion visual display and merchandising database (C., 19). WindowsWear is a company that provides visual merchandising, that is focused on trying to grow from Ecommerce to a physical location in the Museum Industry because their number one goal “is to drive traffic to the world’s famous windows” (C., 19) in fashion. The plus about WindowsWear is that their window displays are in real time. Introduction “The
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