Industry- I Have Worked In Retail Management All Of My

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Industry- I have worked in retail management all of my career. I have specialized in human resources for the past 20 years. I have a true passion for all aspects of human resources and have accelerated my career in becoming an HR Guru. The most intriguing aspect of human resources that I have grown most fond of is training and development. I have gained a lot of education and experience in developing content and facilitating. Using my years of hands on experience I gained how to run a billion dollar business. Meshing my education, certifications and years of actual practice in my specialized field of human resources I decided to open my own training and development consulting firm Upward Performance.

Why I became an
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I want to build an empire that will ultimately give me the flexibility of being in control of my schedule and plan my work around important family matters.

Another reason why I decided to become an entrepreneur is because I have seen so many people live out their dreams and find the gratification I dreamed of. While working for Sam 's Club I had an inside look at small business owners manage their business. I have encountered countless entrepreneurs find ways to reinvent themselves and provide a services and or products that continuously make their business relevant.

I was also intrigued by the Sam 's Club concept of a business helping businesses. Early in my career I decided to learn as much as possible from the retail giant and strengthen my business acumen. I knew if I took every stretch assignment, volunteered for special assignments and purposely asserted myself in other aspects of the business I would get a comprehensive insight into running a successful business.

I opened my business Upward Performance with the same concept in mind. I am helping small businesses and non-profit organizations with employee training and leadership development. I have many years of experience of analyzing, developing, cultivating, mentoring, recruiting and shifting leaders by empowering them to soar into their purpose.

Working for Walmart Stores Inc. (Walmart Stores and Sam 's clubs), I learned how to be an entrepreneur. I learned how to
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