Industry Profile Of Chipotle

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Industry Profile
Chipotle like put itself to in a category of dining now called "fast-casual”(Chipotle). Fast Casual Restaurant Industry is a growing industry. More and more quick service and full service restaurants want to join in, because consumer can get well food with affordable price in a casual atmosphere(Wall). Fast casual restaurant offer high quality food with limited service restaurant. It mixed of fast food, casual dining restaurant. The menu is limited, affordable, and fast food, casual dining restaurants in the place. Many people like to fast casual restaurant for high quality food and affordable price points. Food in these restaurants are generally prepared with fresh, high-quality raw materials (Jones).
The US Breakfast Restaurant Industry is today on an upward trend considering the amount of success being witnessed by most restaurants. The new breakfast menus and other innovative strategies being employed in the market with the aim of driving up the sales volumes have contributed enormously to this industry’s positive trend and
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This sales rate is high, and Chipotle has the about sales increasing rate. This growth pattern is continued from 9.5 percent in 2012, but is expected to slow. Some consumers (9%) increased when they visit a fast-casual restaurant number compared to last year, while 12% spend more per visit (Wall)(Wall).
With the reputation for being the cheapest meal of the day, breakfast is increasing its popularity in the American restaurant industry. This is because more people can afford to eat out in the morning and others simply lack the time or commitment to make breakfast at home or skip the meal entirely. Scientists are especially discouraging people from skipping breakfast thus making it a vital meal even for the busy people today. As such, the industry continues to grow with regards to sales and cash

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