Industry Profile Of India Milk

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DIARY INDUSTRY In India milk is considered as one of the important need for dairy flow of life. The milk is consumed by both rural & urban people.every year there is growth rate in milk . most of the Indians customers prefer milk for dialy use of addiction tea & coffee.milk is considered as nutritional value for vitamin D, the middle person agent who delivers milk to the customers home.some of the milk is delivered through chains

NDDB(Nationall diary development board)

HISTORY: dr. verghese kurien is the founder of white revolution .NDDB came in to existence in 1965, the objective is to increase milk production .the services provided are planning of diary & developing co-operative society,training the manpower .the milk is marketed by 170 co-operative milk producers .NDDB has co-operatives like commodity co-operatives veternary care intensive.

Planning dairy and rural development projects.
Organization of farmer co-operative societies.
Setting up of dairy and cattle feed plants.
Manpower planning and training.
Applied research and development.
Implementation of milk production enchantment programmed.

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY: The increasing competition in market for milk & milk products is creating very difficult scenario for organization like KMF to sustain the position in the market, hence this study is to analyze the awareness of consumers…

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