Industry Vs Inferiority In Early Childhood Education

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Industry vs Inferiority (Competence) – This stage is also known as the Elementary school stage. It focuses on children from the ages 6-12 years old. During this stage most children are learning to read and write and simple math problems. Erikson felt children at this stage is able to understand logical reasoning. Also at this age children seem to be more competitive with each other. At this stage teachers begin to play an intricate role due to the fact they are the instructor on specific skills that kids will learn in school. Failure at this stage can leave children feeling inferior to their counterparts. I can remember trying out for the holla hoop team when I was In the 4th grade. I wanted to make the team really bad although I knew…show more content…
Generally at this age individuals are raising children or their children are almost adults. Many individuals within this stage begin to seek more meaningful things to do in their life. They look for a sense of purpose and belonging. They may find that through their job, volunteering, and working within the community or their church. They are at the stage of giving back to the next generation. During this stage family is very important as parents are aging and children are getting older. Spending quality time and doing things that create memories are important during this time. You may see children that have been away from home begin to move back to be closer to family or aging parents. Failing during this stage could leave one with a feeling of being stuck and not having a purpose. Ego Integrity vs Despair – Is the Final stage of Development in Erikson Theory. Most individuals at this stage will be retired or getting ready to retire. There children are adults and they are possible grandparents. They reflect on previous years to inventory the fruitfulness…show more content…
My children are adults so it’s just my husband and I now. I thought about adoption because I felt I was not quite ready to stop nurturing someone because that is all I’ve done for the past 26 years. I’m learning to be content with where I am at in life. I’m definitely that one that believes in creating memories by spending time with my family, taking pictures, go on little outings. Giving back to the youth is also a great passion of mine. Sharing the wisdom and knowledge that I have learned over the years does my heart good. I work within my church and we conduct various outreach in the surrounding community. I truly feel that I have a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose, and I feel that I am being productive doing what God would have me to
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