Ineffective Leadership Styles Paper

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In my twenty or so years of employment, I worked under several types of leaders. Some were effective while others were ineffective. This course gives plenty of examples and descriptions of both effective and ineffective leadership styles. I understand the significance of pairing effective leadership with appropriate followers. Assessing each party’s traits prior to putting them together, which aids in decreasing tension. In this paper, I am discussing my experiences with bosses and leaders in different aspects of life. Working as a medical assistant in an orthopedic clinic was exciting, at first. However, it did not take long to witness the ineffective leadership of this company. The owners were the practicing orthopedic doctors of the …show more content…

This man was the opposite of every type of manager or supervisor I had worked for. I am sure the fact that he is a pastor plays a large part in his exchange with others. Mr. Miller introduced himself not as my superior, but as you would anyone you were meeting for the first time. He is some describe as a person with moral authority. His ability to engage others in conversation yet also be a good listener was very striking. Mr. Miller’s conversations were not one-sided.
After taking this course I understand that he is utilizing servant leadership. His qualities are the opposite of a boss. Mr. Miller is a good delegator and treats his staff with respect. He did not ever tell me what to do. His weekly meetings informed every one of our responsibilities and gave us our timeline for the week. His request for our input to complete tasks and how the organization as a whole could be more efficient are constant ways Mr. Miller sought feedback. Mr. Miller demonstrated integrity and …show more content…

She lives in another state, but is helping to steer me as needed for growth in my business. Katy is similar to a teacher or professor. She requires that I study business models and research topic which relate to my business venture. She is big on strategy and accountability. Katy and I converse every week, either through Facetime calls, text messages, and emails. At the start of the week, our conversations cover writing topics, potential revenue streams, and minimal to free outlets of marketing. As we would talk she offers several jewels of information for me to consider. There are those that say, mentors stifle your ability to think on your own, limit my potential to be creative without help. I do not see the downside in getting help when

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