Inequalities And Social Justice Issues

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Inequalities and social justice issues abound in life. Some people are rich, some poor. Some are musically gifted, others are tone deaf. Some people with different skin colour. Some have photographic memories; others must work very hard to remember even a small portion of what they read. Some are held hostage by terrorists, others move about freely. Some people are physically attractive to many others, some are not. Some people come from homes in which they have every advantage, while others come from homes characterised by neglect and abuse. Some children are born into families of affluence in wealthy countries like the United States, while other children are born into conditions of starvation in many developing countries and often do not survive to reach adulthood. Some people are genetically predisposed towards good health, while others suffer early attacks of cancer and other disorders despite living cautious lives.
How come then and now injustice still triumphs and let justice fall? Well, justices develops fairness, protection, equality and freedom and many other benefits, however it does not turn as a result of the society, as injustice takes over and prevails the society to influence people to think about the wrong things to other people and the environment itself. The quote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, quoted by Martin Luther King himself, portrays that the fact injustice can be easily spread everywhere and can highly affect the…
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