Inequalities In Education Research Paper

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Ending Education Inequality Within Low-Income Schools
San Antonio Independent School District, also known as SAISD, contains two of the poorest zip codes in the county of Bexar. 78207 is known to be one of the economically disadvantaged zip codes within the district, with the second highest poverty rate in the state. Individuals and families who live in low-income communities are often subject to poverty and its negative effects. As poverty plays a major role in a community, the economic status of a neighborhood can determine many aspects in regards to health, hunger, and developmental outcomes. Although these are a few aspects of poverty, there is yet another effect which in my opinion is
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As for my experience within SAISD, my elementary, middle, and high school all lacked some form of resources compared to peers who attended school in wealthier districts. For example, my middle school, Tafolla, lacked a number of quality teachers to teach the proper learning material. Due to this problem, my English teacher from sixth grade then became my math teacher in seventh grade, she was not well qualified to teach mathematics because she was previously only an English teacher, yet my middle school offered her the job. The lack of qualified teachers continued with Spanish class, there was only one Spanish teacher throughout Tafolla, resulting in few Spanish classes with very inflexible times throughout the school day. Because of the lack of Spanish teachers and classes, there was not a class time that could fit into my schedule, leading me to have to take Spanish class in high school instead. My high school, Sidney Lanier, also lacked resources for a proper education such as little to no funds for educational field trips, lack of funding for enough iPads which were used for quizzes, class assignments, and research, and also lack of modern technology throughout the school such as computers, essential for college applications, essays, and research, and Smart boards, which are preferred by educators as learning from these boards can improve student engagement and interaction, while also improving academic success. If an individual were to travel to the Northside and the school districts within the area such as Northside ISD, North East ISD, and Alamo Heights ISD, the inequalities would be clearly visible. “Findings indicate that neighborhood structural features such as high levels of
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