Inequalities In The Workplace Research Paper

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People come to America for all the opportunities it has to offer. When they feel they are unable to provide for their families in their own country they become desperate and come into the United States illegally. They risk many things but they believe that their futures in the United States will be better. Unfortunately, their illegal status comes with many problems. Once they are here one of the problems they face is finding jobs. Many places won’t hire undocumented people and if they do some places will pay them under the table. For example, The Texas Tribune, by Travis Putman Hill talks about brothers Israel and Jose Martinez they made a living for themselves working in construction. They have worked anywhere possible throughout their communities. With their illegal status, the two often had problems receiving compensation for their labor. Their pay would range around “$90 for a 14-hour work day, or about $6.42 an hour and that’s when they do get paid.” Just like these two men many other people will take any jobs available to them and will not see any income for weeks even months.…show more content…
A couple depends on the help of each other to keep their family on their feet and living a good life or the best that they can give them. If you take one parent out of the equation you leave the other struggling to do everything on their own. It can also put a lot of stress on them. The one being taken away with the fact that they’re being separated from their family and the other wondering how they will supply all the needs of the family on their own. They will start to work extra just be able to bring more income home. Even though there are many complications coming into the U.S illegally but these people do it for their families to have a better future. They do it so that they can offer more to
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