Essay on Inequalities as Portrayed in the Media: a Gender Analysis

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Inequalities as Portrayed in the Media: A Gender Analysis Media plays a big role in conventional Canadian society. It is becoming more and more influential and a bigger part of everyone’s daily lives. Since the invention and spread of the use of the printing press in the mid fifteen-hundreds, societies have been able to produce mass quantities of information available to the general public. Books were printed and made available to a large audience, replacing word of mouth communication about a society’s existence. Since then, various other forms of mass media have been created; including, radio networks, television programs, mass produced magazines, music and advertising. These are all examples of media that Canadians are exposed to…show more content…
It will argue that inequalities exist between men and women within society, and this is enforced through the communicated messages sent via media. It will take the standpoint that gender equality in the media would mean an equal representation of both sexes with a diversity of male and female roles. In the world of music there are many different niches and types of music. From country to jazz, to hip-hop to local ‘indie’ bands, the world of music seems to have something for an endless variety of tastes and likings. When looking at music to assess gender inequalities, I will then focus on so-called ‘top hits’ in order to assure that the songs chosen have reached a large crowd, therefore influencing more people. Last year, the well known G-Unit member 50-Cent added another top hit to the charts. His song ‘Just a Little Bit’ managed to be on the Top 100 songs of 2006, not to mention his achievements previous years with songs such as ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘In Da Club’ (Rolling Stone, 2007). The bottom line here is that 50-Cent is a well known rapper reaching many mainstream music listeners, especially the young. When taking a look at his lyrics to the song titled ‘Just a Little Bit’, the way in which women are portrayed and sung about is purely sexual. The song starts off with pretty much telling female listeners to ‘shake that thing’ for male
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