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Inequalities in Health A lot of characteristics of different social classes have changed over the years as society has changed, and the divisions between different classes are perhaps not as clear as they used to be. But it is just as possible to find hundreds of ways in which the lifestyles, behaviour, opportunities and judgments of people are still greatly influenced by the social class they belong to. There are clear differences shown in the relationships between health and differences in class. Joy lives in a working class family. She and her family live in poor and unhealthy environment. The family has a poor unsuitable diet consisting mainly of traditional fast foods and the majority…show more content…
None of the family smoke and the family are rarely ill. Jane's family are in the high margin for survival. Middle class people are viewed upon to be healthy and more likely to be upwardly mobile should they suffer illness. Middle classes rarely visit the doctor due to poor health. This is because of their higher living conditions, good diet and self awareness. The middle class take better care of themselves mentally and physically engaging in better health care, physical exercise, diet and positive mental attitude. Doctors in theory asses' middle classes and their high standards then use this to interpret good health and longer living statistics. Social construction analysis claims that illness and health are products of social constructions meaning, society has created these concepts. These concepts categorise men and women separately within illness. Statistics show that women are more likely to suffer illness than men, but social constructionists criticise these statistic and say they should be looked upon with caution. They have good reason for these views being unreliable, because it all amounts in opinion to what is apparent between gender and what is socially accepted. Men will and do suffer as much illness as women but are less likely to visit a doctor. Therefore the statistics are unreliable. It is more acceptable by society for women to seek help. Society pressurises

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