Inequality Among Minority Groups

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A minority group is defined as “a subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their lives than members of a dominant or majority group”(1). Most minority groups are defined by common characteristics such as distinguishing skin colors, language, and are commonly tight-knit and have high amounts of marriages within the group. Members of these groups fall victim to colonialism, the maintenance of power for the long term from one territory by another. Victims of these inequalities are often presented with less opportunities because of their false labels and unfair stereotypes. All of the minority groups are affected by the inequalities in different way socially, politically, and even in the media. In general,…show more content…
This personal level of discomfort is defined as Interpersonal Discrimination and 80% of residents in the United States say that they have experienced it at some point. (4)These efforts may not have completely changed overnight, but everything is headed in a better direction than the previous treatment women have endured. So, if things are changing, why are women still considered a minority? This idea seems so traditional, It is so easy to believe that everyone is over their cruel stereotyping toward women and limited rights but it is hard to deny when presented the facts. Segregation and racism treated people of a different color in terrible ways, finding ways to target them in every aspect of life. Limited opportunities in the workforce, biased opinions, and poverty seems to follow them wherever they go. In 1963, the African Americans assembled in Washington D.C. to gain supporters for equality, ultimately receiving the right to vote in 1967.(1) This particular demonstration slightly resembles all of the protests of women’s voting rights. There are many other examples that racist acts and gender discrimination share, proving the theory that women’s inequalities define them as “lesser”. During the civil rights movements, the issue was not believing that all colored people were terrible human beings, it was
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