Inequality And Inequality In Education

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In 1962, the Students for a Democratic Society wrote “We are people of this generation, bred in at least modest comfort, housed now in universities, looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit.,” (Students for a Democratic Society, p. 1). While it has been over 50 years since this statement was written, it is still applicable to today’s society, housing many of the same issues that were prominent back then, including the issues of race, war, education, inequality, and immigration. In this essay, I am going to focus mainly on the issues surrounding inequality and the education system because I believe they are prominent in the lives of almost every member of our society, since at some point everyone will go through the education system or have connections to someone who went or will go through it, and inequality incorporates every member of society because one is equal and unequal to others, whether on the grounds of education, race, and socioeconomic status, to state a few, yet not an extensive list. Both the education system and inequality in our country have many problems, many of which stem from the systemic inequity, which is the lack of fairness and justice rooted in and normalized in society, but now the main question is how we respond to these issues. As citizens of a democratic society, according to Ketcham and Tussman, it is our responsibility, when making decisions and practicing our rights, to have the public good partially in mind, but have a balance between

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