Inequality : Andrew Jackson Won The Presidential Election

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Inequality Andrew Jackson won the presidential election in 1828 to the horror of Thomas Jefferson, who said, “He is one of the most unfit men I know” (George Brown Tindall 431). Jackson was a very popular general who marched to the tune of his own drum (George Brown Tindall 443). “I was born for a storm,’ the fearless Jackson boasted; ‘a calm dose not suit me” (George Brown Tindall 442). His two terms in office was called the age of the common man. However, the Jacksonian democracy was actually the era of growing economic and social inequality. The growing gap between the wealthy and the poor and open racial behavior are two points that demonstrate how the age of the common man became instead the age of inequality. “While men of moderate means could sometimes turn an inheritance into a fortune by good management and prudent speculation, those who started out poor seldom made it to the top” (George Brown Tindall 407). Jackson often spoke of equal opportunities for all Americans, yet the growing gap between the poor and the wealthy was never resolved. Therefore, America went through many changed and growth during the eight years Jackson was President. “…Jackson rode to his inauguration in a horse-drawn carriage and left Washington eight years later on a train symbolized the dramatic changes occurring in the pace and tone of American life” (George Brown Tindall 441). As a result, to achieve this level of change crops and goods that were once used for the local community,…
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