Inequality Between Education And Education

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Inequality in Education
Money Matters
The United States had gone through so many changes over the years and with each change we could say that we have become a better nation. Along the way to becoming a better nation, we have gone through highs and lows; however there seems to be a constant low that is now taking a toll on our children. The low may also end up having an effect on our future and that low is inequality in education among minority races and low income students. Low income students should be concerned with inequality in education in the United States because this means that their chances of continuing their education to obtain a better paying job in the future is significantly harder to do then students in higher income brackets.
The education gap has been a long standing issue through the years in the United States. A study showing that over the past 50 years some causes of the education gap attribute it to income and the inequality amongst the races (Reardon 91). One event that we can associate with the difference in the education gap is the segregation of the races in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Blacks and whites lived in segregated areas, received different services and worked different jobs with different pay that created a gap in income. Since the majority of blacks were living in lower income areas receiving lower incomes and attending schools that provided inferior education, they were also subject to inequality in income achievement (Reardon 103). We…
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