Inequality Between Gender And Education

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This essay will provide evidence of how inequalities are found in both gender and education, and will show how these inequalities intersect. An important tool in overcoming any form of oppression and injustice is education, education withholds the power to destroy, to correct and to defeat (Bagher and Hanna, 2016). Sociologists argue that gender inequalities in education, particularly the more rapid improvement in girls’ results, can be best explained by external and internal factors. This essay will explore these internal and external factors, starting with the external factors which consist of; the impact of feminism, changes in the family, changes in women’s employment and girls’ changing perceptions and ambitions. Afterwards this essay will guide you through the internal factors which are also an important factor in explaining gender inequalities in education. These factors consist of; equal opportunity policies, GCSE and coursework, challenging stereotypes in the curriculum, teacher attention and classroom interaction, and also selection and league tables. Moreover ever since the 1960s, the feminist movement has raised awareness of gender inequality in society and has since helped to challenge the traditional stereotype of a woman’s role in society, in and outside the home, in work, education and the law; by highlighting the importance of self-esteem and personal choice for a young woman (O’Leary, 2015). These changes are reflected in the media, a good illustration
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