Inequality Discrimination On The Workplace

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Nowadays, with increasing variety in organizations, several inequalities in the workplace have happened. In spite of the regulation policies which have limited inequalities on the workplace, it still exists, because of personal characteristics, such as gender, age and different race (Allan, C & Mcphail, R & Wilkinson, A 2008, p. 225). Inequality in the workplaces can be defined as the unfair discrimination relating to things, such as wage differentials between men and women, unfair practices and unfairness opportunities, particularly with regard to employment of people of different ethnic origins (Grainge, 2007, online). C2E TODAY (Committed 2 Equality) shows that in spite of large UK companies declaring that they have eliminated inequalities in the workplace around 77 per cent of them have little or no equality practices. Even though small companies’ situation is more serious, 97.5 per cent of them have no equality practices in place (Committed 2 Equality, 2008, online). This paper will analyze several inequalities exist on the workplace with the use of real facts for concentrating on gender, age and race, and demonstrate the role of the participants within employments relations by discussing the responses from the state, employers and unions. 2. Diversity of inequalities in the workplace A. Gender inequality Recently, mass media has broadcasted interesting news about a million dollars. How would people earns million dollars? Is it hard? The answer is quite simple, be
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