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People are unequal and we should not treat them equally.

What is equality? Equality is a state in which every living person is given the same number of opportunity to vent out their ability to its fullest, regardless of gender, race, wealth, religion, and so on.

However, in the world of capitalism and libertarianism, people cannot be equal. Each person is born with different amounts of wealth and contrary aspects both physically and mentally, no matter how much people fight for equal human rights. There is an increase in reported racial discrimination cases, and still women in South Korea are less employed than men.

Capitalism was adopted by the government as a means to motivate people into working harder.

Nevertheless, both
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Punitive punishments for people who abused Black people have long been the norm. Industrial tribunals throughout the country are still hearing racial discrimination cases on a daily basis. Race discrimination cases have risen from 4,100 in 2007/8 to 5,000 in 2008/9 and 5,700 in 2009/10 Employment Tribunal and EAT statistics (2009-10) (GB) This trend can clearly be seen as a rise in cases being brought before the tribunals. In another interview with a service user from the Power House Foyer in Toxteth Liverpool. Nmono an asylum seeker from Uganda explained how she felt when trying to access medical services in this country. Nmono stated she had difficulty in trying to make her needs understood because of the language barriers.
As already stated before equality is an everyday part of our existence in society today and a great deal of attention is paid to this part of our lives. Equality in the domestic home is rarely looked at or does it receive any attention in law or government policies. If we look at the Victorian model of a home we can see that the husband was expected to work, and the wife was expected to stay home. The female of the house was also expected to cook, clean and care for the husband and children. Very much as it remains to date. Inequality in the home has many downsides to it. The marriage will not be an equal partnership. The female could feel undervalued, and
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