Inequality Of Education And Education

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Inequality of Education
Education is an always growing thing we are constantly learning and advancing, that has not always been the case for some people and still is today. Education started out for those that had the resources to teach it. Males have always dominated everything in their own aggressive fashion. The white males get education while everyone else does not. The education of different races has always been unequal; the African Americans, females, and those with disabilities have it worse by means of not allowing them to get education, to having segregated schools and inferior quality teachers who don’t know how to deal with disabilities.
African Americans have always gotten the raw deal when it came to premium resources. They
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The progress is astounding, but it is sad that it took so long.
It took ages for education to be available to more than just the rich white families, it was not until the 1950’s that education became equal for everyone in America. The people in the south treated the African Americans worse than any other race because of their skin tone, this caused their education to lack. There were many schools that said separate but equal, which wasn’t true in the case of quality of supplies. Southern states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia were the most segregated, but there were other states like Kentucky and Kansas that were just as equally segregated. “By 1904 one site of interracial education remained in the state 's private schools. To correct the omission, the 1904 Kentucky legislature imitated other southern and border states and extended the existing prohibition of racially integrated education to private schools.” While there were colleges that was very segregated, there are others that strive for equal education. “Kentucky blacks who lived in the state 's mountainous, eastern coal-producing region attended Berea College, a racially integrated, private institution affiliated with the American Missionary Association since its founding in 1866 by abolitionist John Gregg Fee. At Berea, blacks completed their secondary education, trained in an "industry," and received an education leading to a bachelor 's

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