Inequality Of The American Dream

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Inequality Do you think the American dream is still a concept today? If so, is it still possible to achieve this American dream? The American dream can be described as the success of life, and the goals achieved. Sometimes, these dreams can not be achieved due to obstacles. In this case, obstacles such as inequality. Many may view America has the land of opportunity and the greatest nation ever due to our vast diversity and freedom, but is this thought to be true in America itself? There has been many cases of people facing inequality in history. Examples of inequality were unequal rights against African Americans, against women, and one that is more common today is the income inequality. Inequality makes it so the people who are made to be inferior have many obstacles to face, such as racism or being degraded as humans. African Americans were slaves and women did not get equal opportunity compared to men. Although inequality may seem like a thing in the past, many still face it today. Inequality limits a person from succeeding in his or her life, and puts a great struggle upon them. America seems like a promise land for foreigners. We are called “the land of opportunity” and “the land of the free”. Tim Roemer, an American ambassador of India have worked with Indians and see their viewpoint of America. In his article “America Remains the World’s Beacon of Success”, Roemer expresses that “I learned that America is still deeply admired around the world and the place where
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