Inequality in Work Insecurity

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Inequality in Work Insecurity Name Institutional Affiliation Name: Inequality in Work Insecurity What is the difference between inequality and insecurity and how can these phenomena be explained theoretically? In life, we often hear about insecurity. This word has been used to describe individuals who do not inhibit confidence, they wear emotions on their sleeves and are armored with eh concept of pleasing other people. Insecurity has been described as a feeling of insecurity. The state of mind has been characterized by vulnerability and self-doubt. This suggests that insecurity is a feeling of being unsafe. Insecure people tend to have a feeling that they are a target of harm or hurt (Chirkov, Ryan & Models of Preference Change, 2011). A deeper elaboration states that insecurity is a fear of not being safe. Many people are of the opinion that insecurity is a psychological state, lack of confidence and immaturity. Insecure people always feel that they are targets of rejection, and expect to be failures in life. They are always afraid of risks. All this can sabotage any leader. On the other hand, whereas insecurity means a lack of self-confidence, inequality refers to a disparity and a lack of opportunity, treatment, and status because of the differences. In addition, inequality means not being even, lacking smoothness, and being irregular. Synonyms associated with inequality include prejudice, disproportional, diversity and bias (Elliott & Atkinson, 1999). Marxist
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