Inevitability Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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The inevitability of fate is a question that has been asked or generations. Is your fate really predetermined or can anything happen in a butterfly effect kind of way? From a Christian point of view, God has a plan for all our lives and he also gave us free will to make our own decisions and live are lives for Him. Life to me seems almost as a butterfly effect as in every action has a positive or negative reaction. So if every one of Romeo’s actions led to his demise could he have made better decisions? Romeo made some very terrible decisions during the time we see him in this novel, but if we want to help him make better decisions we have to look at his most detrimental decisions. One of his most destructive decisions was not looking at the logic of his situation at the beginning of it all when he met Juliet. Now, Juliet was from a rival family which was already a problem for Romeo maybe even the biggest problem in this entire book. All Romeo had to do was see that it was impossible to be with her. In conclusion to the inevitability of fate we realized that this was all avoidable Romeo had all the opportunities to change his fate. Maybe the greatest mistake Romeo made in this entire book was ending his life minutes before Juliet woke up which made Juliet end her own life finishing the book with a twist ending. Individual vs society Romeo and Juliet were in a constant battle with their families. Both of their families where at war with each other which was a problem for

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