Inevitable or Avoidable: The American Civil War

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The biggest war that ever happened was the Civil War. This was the most deadliest, and hurtful wars between the North and the South. This war lasted for four years straight from 1861 to 1865. So many events led up to this war which made it so brutal. I believe that the events that took place to start the civil war could have been easily avoided by just a little communication that they did not use around that time. I do not believe everything that happened in those four years should have happened the way that it did. The first main reason the war started was because the south believed in owning slaves and the north did not. The south wanted to have every nation to join the cause of owning African American slaves but President…show more content…
Both sides were very different especially when it came to the cotton gin. The cotton gin was created in the late 1700’s, which provided cotton. Both sides were making money off the cotton gin from the popular cotton gin created by Eli Whitney. This creation was very popular because it would save the people on the plantations time to sort the seeds out of the cotton. The south still needed help with workers because the more plantations willing to work means you need more workers. The difference between both sides started economic issues. I know this because on, it stated, “In fact, the northern industries were purchasing the raw cotton and turning it into finished goods.” The north was totally different from the south which was not a bad thing. Obviously the big reason for the south having slaves, is because they needed cheap labors. Maybe the north could have helped them by giving them bigger machines they had in the cities. This could have maybe not led to war, and the slaves could have been easily freed. The growth of the Abolition movement soon got larger. The south soon started to feel threatened, because they felt like the North and everyone else really was going against them. People soon started to grow sympathy for the slaves, and soon people wanted to tell their stories. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the first novel to reveal stories about what took place in the south. The author of “Uncle
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