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MRO Sourcing Goes Global
INF336 Project Procurement Management
January 7, 2013

MRO Sourcing Goes Global It is critical for any organization or business to seriously analyze and implement maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) goods and services that will help the company achieve it organizational goals. Johnson, Leenders, & Flynn (2010) explain "Identifying and streamlining key business processes to reduce costs, grow revenues, and manage assets represents an opportunity in most organizations" (p. 77). This is important when applying the concept to maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) goods and services for any company or organization. Scott Singer (as cited in Avery, 2009) tells us "You want a superior unit
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These are readiness of the required goods and services on time, competitive prices, and the quality required by STIHL. We are open to innovations, new technologies and the very latest logistics processes and we expect the same from our suppliers. Constant optimization of the procurement process is another focus of our activities. Within the worldwide network of companies in the STIHL Group, Head Office is responsible for purchasing of production facilities and for coordinating procurement between Head Office and the affiliated companies. Selecting qualified suppliers can be a tough job in today's marketplace. There are many organizations that make themselves sound appealing who do not produce the agreed upon terms of service. It can be difficult to find a new supplier and it can be a very time consuming task. Having a good database of resources can make life a lot easier with this part of the job. It also helps to plan visits to a few top potential suppliers to see how they operate internally. It is also useful to request product samples to examine and test. Not only that, it is important to check references. This can shed light on things that the company would not disclose such as poor customer service or frequent delayed deliveries. For a successful and long-ranging collaboration we demand from our suppliers are market-driven Terms, quality, cost transparency,

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