Infancy Through Early Childhood (NVLD)

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Cristina Erazo 1570 1) Infancy through early childhood (0-6 years) Biologically: When I was 3 years old I was diagnosed with nonverbal learning disability (NVLD), it is a result of poor eyesight. My parents both have bad eyesight which has required them to wear glasses all their lives. When they had children, they passed down their bad eyesight to both of us. Because I was so young when I was diagnosed, I did not pay much attention to how the diagnosis affected my sight, other than me having to get really close to something in order for me to see what it was. Looking back on that time now, I think that if my parents had gotten my vision checked at an earlier age, I might have been able to avoid this learning disability or known how to better …show more content…

That thought lasted until I got injured while dancing. I was doing a just and inverted my ankle on the landing and I slid up myself causing me to pull a couple of tendons in my ankle. Because of my injuries I had to go to physical therapy, which is where I decided I wanted to become a physical therapist instead of a ballet dancer. After I finished my physical therapy and went back to taking classes, I was really afraid that I was going to injure myself again, so I didn’t put my all into my moves like I used to. A year later I ended up with the same injury and psychologically I wasn’t mentally prepared to return to ballet. I eventually mustered up the courage to practice as intensely as I had before. During my senior year I ended up quitting ballet cold turkey because I was worn out of practicing every day for hours on end. Also one of that factors that made me want to stop ballet was my weight. In the ballet world you have to have a certain type of body type if you wanted to become a professional. I could have had that body if I were to drop 10-15lbs, but my doctor said that if I were to do so, I would be on the end of the spectrum of being at a healthy weight. I had a lot of pressure to do so from my ballet teacher telling me that I could reach my full potential if I only dropped the weight. The other girls that I was constantly surrounded …show more content…

I think the reason I had so many problems with this was because I was used to having my mom’s attention all the time and being able to do things with her whenever I wanted, and I didn’t adjust well to having to share her with someone else. I thought her new boyfriend was trying to take her away from me because she would spend so much time talking with him on the telephone. I was jealous of him and that put mine and my mother’s relationship in a bad place for a while. We would argue a lot and not see eye to eye. It got to a point where my mom thought we needed to go and see a psychologist about it. The psychologist suggested some exercises for us to try and encouraged us to talk about how we felt if were angry with each other and why we were angry. Even though at the time I thought it was a stupid idea to go to therapy over something so silly, the therapy helped mine and my mother’s relationship to get back to where it once was. It taught me how to communicate my feelings in a positive way rather than just to bottle them

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