Infant Attachment Essay

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Introduction Infant attachment is the first relationship a child experiences and is crucial to the child’s survival (BOOK). A mother’s response to her child will yield either a secure bond or insecurity with the infant. Parents who respond “more sensitively and responsively to the child’s distress” establish a secure bond faster than “parents of insecure children”. (Attachment and Emotion, page 475) The quality of the attachment has “profound implications for the child’s feelings of security and capacity to form trusting relationships” (Book). Simply stated, a positive early attachment will likely yield positive physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive development for the child. (BOOK) Correlation of Infant Attachment to Development…show more content…
In an experiment comparing positive attachment to positive self-esteem, it was concluded that, “securely attached children were likely to develop a positive working model of self ”. (p 2505, The Internal Working Model of the Self, Attachment, and Competence in Five-Year-Olds). Conversely, the same study proved children with poor attachment, had a more difficult time in social interactions. (p 2505, The Internal Working Model of the Self, Attachment, and Competence in Five-Year-Olds). The positive working model is one component to help create positive socio-economic development for the child. Cognitive Development Similar to physical and socio-emotional development, cognitive development is increased with a secure attachment between the parent and child (E, 806). Increasing importance is being associated with the “mothers’ verbal responsiveness, which are important for the emergent language and cognitive skills” (Increase in maternal Education, 3). According to a recent study from Arizona State University, researchers concluded infants with an insecure attachment were less “focused during storybook interactions” and therefore experienced less stimulation as the secure mother/child dyad. (F,445). Additionally, the mothers of the insecure children were “less warm and supportive” and “less stimulating of cognitive development than
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