Infant Mortality Is An Issue For A Very Long Time Essay

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Part One Problem- Infant Mortality Infant mortality is and has been an issue for a very long time. It can be defined as the rate of deaths that happen before a child’s first birthday (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). A consequence of infant mortality is the mental health of the family that must deal with the death of a child; when one loses a child very early it can be difficult to cope with and the parents might develop depression. There are several risk factors for infant mortality, including congenital abnormalities, being born preterm, having a low birth weight, and lower socioeconomic status of the child’s family. Furthermore, a problem such as this is contingent upon access to health care; third-world countries and impoverished areas might have little to no access to health care, therefore, increasing the risk of complications with a pregnancy. A mother must have prenatal care to support good health for the baby. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that, in 2015, “4.5 million (75% of all under-five deaths) occurred within the first year of life,” displaying a shocking incidence of infants who do not make it to their first birthday in one year (2016). The mortality rate varies depending on the area of the world. Many of these deaths occurred in the “WHO African Region”; in contrast, the rate of infant deaths in Europe was far less (WHO, 2016). However, there has been a remarkable improvement over time. The WHO goes on to say that, globally,
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